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Previsualization is a relatively new phase of motion picture production. Similar to the relationship word processing is to writing, previsualization is a quick and easily editable digital means of drafting out and developing the visual and rhythmic aspects of a motion picture before committing to ideas in the expensive production phase.

Usually consisting of 3D animated movies, Previsualization is one of the easiest and clearest forms of communicating the intent of the Director. Its capacity to render color, tone, rhythm, sound and music give it the ability to elicit emotional connections and reactions that still frames alone cannot.

The resulting product serves as a tool for productions and Studios to dramatically lower costs, resolve expectations, and limit financial and creative surprises:

Financial Benefits

  1. Production costs are much higher per minute screen time than in any time in history.
  2. Studios push Producers to shorten Principle photography days to reduce costs.
  3. Allows Producers and Department Heads to pinpoint costs and schedules.
  4. Directors use previsualization animatics as a selling tool

Creative Benefits

  1. Allows the Director time to experiment and find a project’s visual signature or style and communicate that experience to an audience directly.
  2. Allows the film makers a chance to experience and understand a project’s structure and pacing.
  3. Allows the Studio to understand a Director’s vision and gives them time to respond.
  4. Reduces the possibility of structural problems found in post production and thus, the number of re-shoot days.
  5. The increased use of CG Characters and the need of actors to understand them.
  6. The increased use of fully virtual environments and the need of actors to understand them.
  7. Increased use of virtual camera movement not accessible physically.
  8. Overall increase in difficulty on action sequences.

Organizational Benefits

  1. Directors need to communicate with increasingly more departments.
  2. Geographic separation of departments.
  3. The difficulty of scheduling key core creative personnel such as the Director of Photography and Editors in the planning phase.
  4. Extends the planning phases for Studio Marketing and Promotions.

Visual Effects Department Benefits

  1. Excessive versioning reduces profitablity.
  2. Post Production periods are shorter.
  3. The use of new technology that needs to be researched earlier.

It is our vision to provide previsuzalization animatics, or 3D animated sequences with world class animation (not just proxy stand ins), accurate lens and camera movement, with speed, variety, and an eye for visual structure and signature.